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We Are A Platform To Connect People to Black Business & Educate Them On Black Life Across Intersections

We Facilitate A Full Experience of Black Commerce & Community Building

We Amplify Black Businesses:
Our OHY Business Directory is ongoing database of Black businesses across the U.S. with a regional focus.
We Produce Content That Drives The Conversation, Authentically:
From celebrating the stories of businesses on our platform to #RealTalk and #ConvosThatMatter, our conversations are for inclusive community building and truth-telling.
We Help Extending Access To Black Businesses:
Our OHY Business vendors sell their products directly on the OHY platform.

What Helps Black Business, Helps The Black Community

41% of black consumers in the United States said they actively seek out and purchase products from black-owned businesses in a 2020 Nielsen survey.

This suggests that many Black consumers are motivated to support black entrepreneurs and contribute to economic empowerment within their communities.

This Desire to Support Black Business Is For Everyone

60% of respondents say they would be willing to pay more if they knew a small business was Black-owned, according to the National Black Chamber of Commerce/Groupon.

(60%) of consumers across all backgrounds are already prioritizing or want to prioritize buying from Black-owned businesses, revealing that supporting Black-owned businesses is top-of-mind for consumers, according to a new survey from ActiveCampaign, conducted by Dynata.

Nearly (70%) of consumers also say they find it helpful when a business identifies as Black-owned, according to the National Black Chamber of Commerce/Groupon.

Let's Connect

If you want to find and support Black businesses while participating in cultural conversations and learning about parts of Black life you may not have known before, we are the platform for you!