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We embrace Blackness across ethnicities, skin tone, body size, sexuality, sex and more. We expect our community members to respect differing lived experiences and always uplift safety.
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Save and Sip

Financial Services
Houston, Tx

Yes Hair Co.

Beauty & Grooming
Atlanta, Ga

Acquire Realty

Real Estate & Property Management
Atlanta, GA


From celebrating the stories of businesses on our platform to #RealTalk and #ConvosThatMatter, our conversations are for inclusive community building and truth-telling.

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What Helps Black Business, Helps The Black Community
According to a Congressional Black Caucus report, Black-owned companies have created over 1 million jobs and generated over $165 billion in revenue. Many of these jobs are routed back to the community, supporting millions of Black family members. In 2019, Black households spent around $835 billion on consumer goods.
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