Paying homage to the esoteric concept of a speculative invisible “inner” eye, 3rdeyeview has provided perception beyond ordinary sight since it’s founding in 2014.

According to InStyle,, Marie Claire & WWD the brand is “the best known unknown” eyewear brand for it’s steadfast commitment to community, comfort & quality .”

Our glasses are made for living. We do it; explore it, seek it, & most importantly live it.

With a peculiar following of style-makers & a core pillar of social responsibility, the 3rdEyeView philosophy stands on being a “small” accessory with a “big” impact. Our [ON SIGHT] program collaboration w/ local non-profits provides vision screenings, eye exams, and new eyewear to the underprivileged.

We also host pop-up shops to educate communities about the importance of vision care and the role it plays in literacy, society, and the economy.

We will always strive to create innovative ways to build awareness about the strong connection between a healthy vision and education.
Our sister brand oddie+ora is a luxury optic line that caters to the male and female duality of vision. We combined a vintage aesthetic, unique symmetry, and rich culture to create this love story. Our unisex collection will launch Miami Swim Week 2021.