BLK Capital Management Corp

Cambridge, MA, USA

What is BLK?

BLK Capital Management, Corp is a 100% black-owned and student run nonprofit that focuses on educating our members by exposing them to the field of active investment management. We accomplish this through real-time investing across the globe delivering absolute returns seeking to outperform industry standards. We hope to create life-long relationships between our members through education and mentorship.

How it all started

BLK Capital Management, Corp was founded in 2017 by three black members of Harvard and Princeton University who want to help change the culture of the financial services industry. The founding members who were apart of finance organizations on their respective campuses noticed that these organizations were largely missing black representation. As a result, they decided to create their own program that would promote the education of black students and allow students at renowned colleges across the nation to have the opportunity to learn about investing and careers in the financial services industry.

What makes us special

BLK Capital actively recruits and selects intelligent and motivated students from all around the nation to craft a small team of elite investors. As a prerequisite for selection, each member must go through a three-round, case-study interview process that highlights their passion for knowledge and ability to display leadership capabilities. Upon induction into the fund, each analyst participates in a rigorous education program that covers accounting, security selection and several valuation techniques. After successful completion of our education program, analysts have a final stock pitch competition in front of our professional mentors and can then begin to contribute investment ideas to the fund.

What we aim to do

As an organization, we strive to recruit the top talent from students across our participating schools and prepare them for a career in the financial services industry through mentorship, our extensive, six-month education program, and real-time active management of our long/short equity portfolio. In addition to cultivating our membership both academically and professionally, we promote community service through initiatives at each participating school to ensure that our members remain socially conscious.