Brown Capital Management strives to build investment programs that meet the needs of genuine long-term investors. Investment team members execute a time-tested process that seeks to position them as patient business owners, rather than short-term traders. They invest with the courage of their convictions, no matter the market environment.


For 30 years, the Small Company Fund has embodied Brown Capital’s philosophy of seeking to invest in what we believe to be Exceptional Growth Companies (EGCs) over a three- to five-year horizon and beyond. EGCs offer products and services that save time, lives, money and headaches, or provide exceptional value. EGCs have both the potential and the plan to be much larger companies over the long term. We believe their sustainable competitive advantages and other characteristics afford us the patience to let growing companies grow, and the tolerance to hold them when they stumble.


The Small Company Fund seeks to invest in the equity securities of U.S.-based Exceptional Growth Companies (EGCs) with total operating revenues of $500 million or less at the time of initial investment. The benchmark-agnostic portfolio typically comprises 40-65 EGCs, meaning its holdings and performance may vary significantly from the index. The strategy’s low-turnover approach may be best suited to investors who share our long-term investment horizon.


The Small Company Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. Current income is a secondary consideration in selecting portfolio investments.The goal of the Small Company Fund is to generate excess returns over the Russell 2000® Growth Index over investment periods of five years or more.