“Our mission is to help businesses gain visibility, a strong following, and greater sales by using powerful and effective social media and digital marketing methods.”

Whether you need the informative expertise of a writer, strategic creative direction for social media and web design, or an impeccable eye in photography, DxR can help you stand out from your competition by improving your search engine optimization, website performance, social media presence, and brand awareness.

We take a unique approach to social marketing and organic advertising of your business, by synchronizing your brand’s image across every medium that’s suitable for your business and customers. With our creative email and social media campaigns, our understanding of the relationship between business and consumer will offer your business the opportunity to grow customers and brand visibility. At DxR, we place our passion for helping you gain visibility, a stronger following, and greater sales as our number one priority.

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Here are our areas of experience and expertise: Content Strategy, Research & Analytics, Email Marketing, Organic and Paid Ad Campaigns, Event Marketing, Logo Design, Public Relations, Web Development, and SEO, Social Media Monitoring, Engagement & Interaction, Strategic Planning & Research, Graphic Design, Media Planning, and Brand Identity.