Our Team.

Our founder & C.E.O. Cornoy Watkins, has an amazing palate for great food and an exceptional business sense. From having his hands in multiple industries from music to heath & wellness, and now to have dived into the restaurant industry Cornoy along with his partners expertise have the mindset, drive, determination to be extremely successful in this niche market. Cornoy developed and perfected all the recipes on the menu. Our GABS sauce is a huge hit amongst our customers, and makes it hard for another competitor to duplicate what we have created. Talia is the Chief Marketing Officer and has constantly driven sales up month to month since we opened business, using her marketing and public relations expertise to keep GAB’S thriving. Jevon Kinloch is our COO, and makes sure all locations operations are running smoothing, thus keeping our customers happy and taste buds overjoyed. The legendary, talented, and beautiful Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins is our creative director and makes sure the world knows the name Good As Burgers.

Cornoy envisioned creating GABS to expose Atlanta to a variety of healthy alternatives. Living in Los Angeles for 10 years, Cornoy was given an opportunity to see a different lifestyle and noticed Los Angeles residents are entirely more health conscious about what they consume. He used his family’s health battles and LA experiences to inspire him to follow through on creating an all plant-based restaurant. It is now GABS mission to expose and help different communities in Atlanta to be aware and change to a different way of eating. We now have an abundance of customers, celebrity clients, foodie recommendations, featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Discover Atlanta, V103, Radio One, and several others. Together we have created a unicorn brand, amazing menu, and an ambitious but achievable plan that will continue to thrive in this trending market. Our mission is to recreate a fun and tasty way of making Plant-Based lifestyle mainstream and in doing so show our customers that by choosing our restaurant you are saving the lives of hundreds of animals and reducing damage to our environment one Good As Burger at a time.