just add honey tea company was created by tea lovers. We wanted to enjoy tea and knew that there was more out there than what was on the shelves. Instant tea, artificially flavored, penny-pinched tea bags, 5 o’clock teas, feel better teas, etc, etc.  WE HAD THEM ALL!

While scouring places for the perfect cup of tea, we decided we would MAKE what we wanted. Combining flavors from around the world that was pleasing to the palate while still keeping it light and interesting, just add honey tea company was born. 

Since 2006, just add honey creates fresh, fun, and sophisticated flavors combined with stimulating and soothing ingredients in every cup. Our ingredients are all natural, pure, and easily recognized. Nothing is changed or altered. Our mission is to bring thoughtfully blended teas to your doorstep.

just add honey tea company wants you to enjoy the best, freshest, and most flavorful teas with every sip. Whether it is a black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea or specialty tea, just add honey wants you to enjoy every cup. Anytime. Anywhere.

just add honey uses tea to connect with communiTEA. You can find their thoughtful blends in their Atlanta flagship store, online, and in many speciality stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes around the United States.