The driving values of Mujeres Valley are centered around giving back to and taking care of the land and spaces that we have the privilege to occupy. The owners of the campground improve, renew and host community healing safe spaces with a connection to energy of the mountain and connection to Spirit that allows for divine collaboration.

Mujeres Valley places a high value on creating spaces for the reconnection to Mother Earth. It is our hope that by facilitating these connections we can continue our healing journey in collaboration with Mother Earth so future generations have these same spaces to look forward to.


  • Access to 20 acres of raw & reclaimed land
  • Pet-friendly & cannabis-friendly visitors welcome
  • Nature tours, stargazing & annual festivals Mujeres Valley Campground | OHN
  • Fresh eggs from local homestead
  • Private event venue
  • Cannabis Minister on site for weddings
  • Solar showers
  • Parking spaces for all types of vehicles
  • ADA camping access parking available


  • Rocks, artifacts, finds, etc shall not be removed from the campground.
  • General mutual respect for the land, owners, and other visitors is required.
  • No rituals or ceremonies without approval in advance of stay. Mujeres Valley Campground | OHN
  • Reservations required at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Pets shall be on a leash and picked up after.
  • Trash created on the property shall be removed by visitors as best as possible.


How this impacts our mission.

The Mujeres Valley Campground occupies Shiwinna (Zuni) Territory that was stolen via the Homestead Act. The land has been used for ranching over the last 100+ years and ended up in our care in 2017 after asking our ancestors to guide us to where we need to be and migrating from Colorado. Prior to our arrival our focus of generational healing guided us to New Mexico. Making New Mexico our home was solidified in our journey to keep the land in our care.

After a 4 year battle for our freedom and the land we now have full, legal “ownership” which we consider caretaking. That battle was based in racism and fear. Fear of what is not understood, like our dreadlocks, and passion for uplifting and healing people of color. The dark nights when the idea of leaving crept in, it was our desire to empower and encourage people of color to stand up for our right to live, that kept us here.

Our victory in reclaiming the land from colonizers helped us to see the injustice, inequality and lack of accountability in real estate racism. A huge part of the reason we decided to continue to occupy these 63 acres is to secure a sustainable safe-space for BIPOC. It’s been an honor to be a sounding board, reference and neighbor to a number of new BIPOC families in Cibola County!

It is our mission to continue to develop this safe space sustainably and in a matter that will encourage indigenous wildlife to thrive, eradicated indigenous plant life to be re-established and BIPOC to have a home base. Our owners represented themselves in their success to secure the land, have been business owners for over 10 years, and have a wealth of experience that shines through every interaction.

Mujeres Valley Campground | OHN