Atlanta’s Most Official Spot for Tattoos, Piercings, Artwork & more.

With TWO locations,  Official Ink is here to provide you with quality tattoos, piercings, artwork and more. Guaranteed to be unique and precise, the prices quoted below are starting rates. Quotes can range based on  the artist’s experience, and the design size and detail. 

We do offer daily specials! Check them out below, along with our standard pricing!


Because each tattoo demands a unique experience, our rates are charged by the hour–please consult with the Officials if you need assistance with booking!

M I N I M U M – $100


T A P O U T  S E S S I O N S- begin at $600, vary based on artist


The Officials offer ALL piercings at BOTH locations! All clients must be 18 years of age to be pierced, regardless of parental consent.

Join us on TUESDAYS for $25 piercings!

F A C I A L  Piercings- $50

(all areas of the ear, lip, tongue, nose, eyebrow)

B O D Y  Piercings- $50

(belly button, per breast)

D E R M A L  Piercings- $100

(per dermal)

I N T I M A T E Piercings- $100

H A L F  S L E E V E S- typically are completed within 3 hours.

F U L L  S L E E V E S- typically require a tapout session


It’s not OFFICIAL until you carry it on your back–literally! Merchandise is available for online shopping, or in either location–pull up!


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