Remember the fun we used to have jumping on the trampoline as kids? Trampolean Fitness is bringing back that joy along with the benefits of health and wellness. This is a full body workout that consists of light weights and cardio circuits on a mini rebounder. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels all welcomed! Lets Talk Benefits…

Burn Calories
Our bodies were made to move! This is 1 Hour of Full Body Sculpting and Burn.

In order to feel good now and in the future, you need cardio exercise. Get your heart rate up and boost your cardiovascular health with cardio circuits to your favorite hit songs.

Tone Muscles
Our exercises target your leg muscles, glutes, and core. We also incorporate light dumbbells to work your arms, shoulders and back.

Jumping Fun
Get Fit and Have Fun! It’s an exciting break from your traditional exercise routine and an effective way to increase your physical fitness.