Black. Boundless. ‘Bout Our Business.

Our platform enables the world to support Black businesses and learn about the Black experience across its intersections with inclusion at our core.  

We also connect corporations and non-profit organizations to Black businesses to increase their support and networking opportunities.

We Facilitate A Full Experience of Black Commerce & Community Building

We Amplify Black Businesses:

We provide a seamless onboarding experience with a clean easel for our business owners to paint a picture of their brand for our OHY community members. All our profiles are email and phone number enabled, allowing our business partners to gain real-time leads around the clock.

Our community patrons and many corporations are looking to engage with businesses like yours

Content that drives the conversation, authentically:

From celebrating the stories of businesses on our platform to #RealTalk and #ConvosThatMatter, our conversations are for inclusive community building and truth-telling.

Allow Our Members To Shop Your Products Immediately:

Do you have a product that’s perfect for e-commerce? Extend your membership to become an OHY vendor and you can sell products directly to our audience on the OHY website! Vendors have custom sections and features.

What Helps Black Business, Helps The Black Community

According to a Congressional Black Caucus report,  Black-owned companies have created over 1 million jobs and generated over $165 billion in revenue. Many of these jobs are routed back to the community, supporting millions of Black family members. In 2019, Black households spent around $835 billion on consumer goods.

Become Apart Of The OHY Community

If you want to find and support Black businesses while participating in cultural conversations and learning about parts of Black life you may not have known before, we are the platform for you!
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